best of office weekend roundup 42

Pile rubber bands, make a new font! Seen on Junk Culture

Another cool rubber band font – this is one is just made with one rubber band for each letter. Seen on Behance

This is pencil city, on Flickr

An article about how some phrases are totally out of doubt – including git er dun and wasssssup – on The Collared Sheep

Poor Fellowes and their crazy china factory problems – on the Epoch Times

The benefits of owning a chair mat! Sit Better Blog

A perforated letterhead! Now I want that. Seen on Letterheady

So so cute! A kangaroo pouch for all your office supplies – on Lama Designs

Cool lookin office supplies on FFFFound

My friend’s car, covered in post-it notes. I saw it on Facebook

Sarah Bridgland makes sculptures out of old office supply boxes and paper lettering. Check them all out on Not Paper

Save this project for christmas time! Paper, Plate and Plane

Happy late heart day from A Creative Mint

Check this office supplies storage idea! on DIY Ideas

A safe and cheap cardboard holder for lots of scissors! Seen on El Mundo Del Reciclajae

Coloring with giant markers! On the Rad and Hungry Blog

Two of the Office gals all dressed up! Source