best of office weekend roundup 44

Sweet photoshoot with CDs and pencils on Flickr

Carry your little post-it flags in a mini altoid container! Seen on Rhodia Drive

I loved driving under fenced in overpasses and seeing a message spelled out in cups. These are spelled out with styrofoam cups – seen on ManMade DIY

Use binder clips to attach separate boxes and create a custom storage system – more on Lifehacker

This sign made me laugh, seen here

An roundup of awesome scotch tape sculptures on My Modern Met

From the desk of…Stamps. Seen here

I’m in love with this beautiful wood set of office supplies, buy on the Curiosity Shoppe

Beautiful paper art (as usual) on the Upon a Fold Blog

Recycle your pen after the ink is gone! More details on Oh Gizmo

How to make a cute little custom sharpener on Givers Log

I think these Time’s Up! Security Badges from C-Line are the coolest. After one day the word VOID appears or if they got out in the sunlight the badge will turn blue.