best of office weekend roundup 45

Nothing like hiding under a bunch of post-it notes. From Cubicle Bot

It would be cool if this existed! Shred the lines – on Flickr

This makes tweeting painful – seen on Paper Stone

Man I love colorful supplies – on Flickr

Is this really how pencil sharpeners work?? Jk On Flickr

Pretty cool office space on the Well Appointed Desk

How to choose between job offers on Pretty Young Professional

Now this an inventive binding – seen on Well Appointed Desk

I love these! Put them on your desk or on your wall. More pics on Less and More

A tree house office. Jealous? Me too. More pics here

Carve a stamp out of an eraser on Ishtar Olivera

A percussion ensemble “Live at the Office” – click here for the video (and skip to the end for the part when they use office supplies)

17 Work Hazards to look out for on Biggest Book

These waste bins are made from 100% recycled cotton! I like them. On Re-Nest

50 Best tips for small businesses on Facebook from B School

(I love this video!)

Best way to quit your job…

Another cool office space – on Flickr

More dreamy office supplies – on Re-Nest

Remember how I talked about this Red Bull contest before? I was excited to see this entry coming from Utah!

Cute school-themed decor on Re-Nest

Awkward situation – sharing a hotel room with co-workers – on the Road Warriorette

A good use for old film rolls! USB drives on Cubicle Bot

I love this dry-erase rug!! On Gizmodo

Get them used to that cubicle early – on Gizmodo

I like this – from Because Work Sucks

How to keep your facebook “co-worker and boss friendly” on the New Professional

AMAZING paper dresses! You have to see all of these. CLICK HERE

Make your own ruler lamp, instructions on Design*Sponge

Man that was long. Happy weekend!

  • Things to do with one post-it-note
    I’ve literally have done some these with my post-it-notes, usually when I’m supposed to be doing some power thinking. The food labeler is my favorite!

  • That tree house office – I want it! I’m sure I’d never get any work done though, cos I’d be too busy admiring it!