best of office weekend roundup 47

I love love these tape hooks! On I love Sticky Tape

(I’m a little late on this roundup b/c I was running in a relay race yesterday! I survived but now I have some seriously sore legs.)

Enter to win a $500 gift card by playing the Boise Memory Typing game! (It’s addicting!) Link

Great infographic about laziness in the workplace on the Collared Sheep

Instead of hiding all those cords, make them into art! On Lifehacker

Ahh man, this guy is the best business card consultant.

I just love how people use pencils – on This is Colossal

Told you I did! Hanging colored pencils found on Flickr

One of our smead winners posted a review! Check it out on Life Imitates Doodles

Made with 97% Post-consumer waste, I like the yellow! On Orglamic

This cable whip is sooo cool! On Cubicle Bot

I saw this a long time ago and forgot about it. Now I want to start buying these products. The replacement pieces are filled with concentrated soap so you just have to add water and you’re all set. Replenish on Orglamic

Drumstick pencils! On Fred Flare

Printers can be a huge source of stress, like all the time. This comic from Stinky Ink Shop is great

More pencil words! From This is Colossal

Classy office poster! From Office Tally

kitty in the office!! I want this. From Flickr

This artist used leftover almost empty ink cartridges to stain the fabric. From Junk Culture

Make a color pencil necklace from Mini Eco

How to manage and create happy employees from Work Awesome

DIY custom paper covered pen tutorial from One Pearl Button

Beautiful paper butterflies on Venerate Boutique

Get this for your new office. It would be hilarious. From Junk Culture

This girl makes cuffs out of old rulers! On Etsy

Instant, inflatable paradise out your window. From Cubicle Bot