best of office weekend roundup 52

Sharpies are so so pretty. Paper Pastries Tumblr

How to ace your next phone interview from Jobacle

This wave tape dispenser is beautiful from Hunter Gatherer

Coffin & Work Desk Combo. Sad. From the Collared Sheep

Make your own tabbed notebook use labels and stickers. Link

These are made with thumb tacks and foam balls! More pics here

It’s a Pro-Tractor! Link

haha – link

How much ink a font uses – Link

A ruler that draws straight and curvy lines – Link

Sharpie Monsters! More drawings on the Sharpie Blog

I wrote about Poppin supplies a little while ago and they are huge huge right now! Cool Hunting has cool pics of them.

Someday i hope to see some office sculptures like this in person. Link

Spam emails apparently make great wallpaper material. From Cubicle Bot

Cutest penguin correction tape – Link

These plugs to go behind furniture are a great idea. Link

Pantone color flash drives! I want them all. Link

Fun notebook filler paper, lots of different designs on Rock Scissor Paper

Scissors that shred! Moma Store

A birdhouse made from an old paper cutter! On Flickr

I like this house shaped letter rack. Link

Dress made with binder clips, kind of weird. Link

Have a great weekend!