best of office weekend roundup 53

Carpet made with paperclips. So cool. See more pics on We Make Carpets

Infographic documenting the final game of the 122nd Edition of the Wimbledon Championships Men’s Final between tennis giants Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer.

Pens become pen nunchucks! Link to PDF on CubicleBot

Little pencil heads on Junk Culture

This guy has an amazing stapler collection that you can see on Flickr

I’m a big Calvin & Hobbes fan. This letterhead is from Letterheady

How to Remove Printer Ink Stains! On the Stinky Ink Blog

Just signed up for Post-it Perks because I want free post-it notes. Link

Sometimes I get sore wrists from using my mouse. I’m thinking I might make a wrist rest that I can heat up in the microwave! Tutorial on How Joyful

Bic Pen Chandelier! Seen here

More jewelry made with colored pencils! Seen on Found & Beautiful

You can fit like a million things in this trench coat! Read a review about the coat on Unclutterer

Beautiful pictures of post-it note installations at Anthropologie by Kara Paslay. See more pics!

I love this pink post-it note checkered truck. Link

How to Manage Your Relationship and You Career on Classy Career Girl

Post-it Note Simpsons Family on Improvised Life

Beautiful post-it note tree – Link

Post-it Note Graduation Prank!! Click to see more pics

A beautiful post-it note rose. Link

What we say…when we should say something else instead. Great replacement phrases for angry words on Jobacle

No one likes a sweaty butt. Get a USB Powered Butt Cooler – seen on CubicleBot

I warned you last week that post-it notes were on my mind and you can see the proof in this post! Have a great summer weekend!