best of office weekend roundup 56

I don’t have any felt pens at my house currently but I’m planning on buying some just so I can try this. More pics on Mini Eco

How working parents deal with summer downtime on Beyond Folders

How to change jobs not companies on Corporette

Make your own Conan out of supplies on Things Organized Neatly

Beautiful pencils on the Rad and Hungry Blog

Store your iPad in your 3-ring binder with binderpad! Seen on Cubiclebot

Loving this new series on Jane Has a Job where she asks bloggers to submit a work look and talk about their work.

Help people you care about with Email Intervention on Secretary4Life (now this is funny)

Store items inside your keyboard! I kind of want this. Get it here

The new Sharpie blog and ad campaigns are so cool. See more ads and videos on the Sharpie Blog

I really like this rolodex art installation I saw on Pinterest

Security envelopes really do have the best patterns inside. This notebook is full of different designs! Seen on Lena Corwin’s Blog

Learn about what different colors mean and how you can use them in your office on the Kikki-K blog

Great article full of style tips for the working man on Art of Manliness

Oh man, this could be a good prank. The calculator that spits out wrong answers. Get it here

I love these quirky patches – seen on Flickr

Collection of wood pencils seen on Flickr

So excited for back to school! Link

The posting has been a little light this week and will continue to be that way next week because I’m very distracted by the view outside my window. My husband’s family has a cabin on Bear Lake (in Utah) and the weather has been great. I hope everyone is enjoying their last month of summer!

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