best of office weekend roundup 59

I don’t have a child or an iPad but I would totally do this binder clip lock idea if I had both on Makezine

Aren’t these paper cups the cutest? They might be cuter than those white ones you have at the office. Get them from Paper Mash

The evolution of memory storage organized neatly

Depressing Tax Returns become beautiful rolled paper art on Man Made DIY

I want one of these cute Pantone Wall Files from Seletti!

Mini working computer?? I guess they are not sure if it’s for real – watch the video of it starting up on CubicleBot

I know this is weird but I was thinking that this plane looked like an eraser and it actually has a “pink eraser like coating.” Link

I really want to make this stationery set using the inside of security envelopes. Tutorial on A Little Hut

Cute tape + Magnets = really cute fridge magnets. On Craftzine

Chop up all the water bottles you use everyday and make this! Link

Pencil shavings turn into an eraser! On Yanko Design

I love these engraved eraser invites that Anthropologie sent out to guests. Link

Haha Link

So many cool ways to decorate using office items on Real Simple

Did you know that Twiggy had a Scripto Pen? Link

Which came first? Avery label pads or Post-it Label Pads? I think the answer is Avery Label Pads. Link

How to look great the day after you pull an all nighter on Corporette

Why you should switch from an office chair to an exercise ball on Lifehacker

I love a good “fill your office with ________” prank. Link with more pics

I found this cute planner on our website – Day Runner Recycled Watercolors Planner

Someday I will have a kitty sleeping on my desk and all my papers and I won’t even be mad. Link

New post-it dispensers designed by the same guy that designed the Slice! This is called the pebble collection for 3m. Link

Buy a mini clipboard from the Roving Home

Have a great weekend everyone! I’m still having email difficulties and I haven’t been able to read any emails since last week. If you wrote me something I promise I will get back to you as soon as I can! If it’s urgent, you can always call our CS or email To our Slice giveaway winners, I’m going to figure out away to get to those emails and get your prizes out as soon as I can. Sorry for the delay!