best of office weekend roundup 60

The Kitchen Pencil. Seriously, my favorite find of the week. Buy it from Sebastian Bergne

Shouldn’t every office have these food order pads from New Found Original?

Haha yess – The Collared Sheep

Use metal thumbtacks to make these letters! Link

How to keep your printer from throwing out paper – how-to on Swingline Blog

Mini weapons made with paper clips! On CubicleBot

Okay so a stapler in jello is mean but how about taking the keys off of your co-worker’s keyboard and putting them in jello. That totally wins. Link (and I don’t know what is written on that notebook – hopefully it is nothing bad!)

Seen on the Rad and Hungry Blog

It’s amazing what people do when they are bored – Link

Monster pencil case!

Remember this from all your solitaire wins? From Junk Culture

6 fun things to do with dry erase markers on Color Me Katie!

Office supplies that double as makeup tools on Fashionista

Office supplies made out of concrete! On Yanko Design

Well I guess I’m off to get some supplies and get my apt ready for Hurricane Irene. I wouldn’t get too worried except that I live on the 22nd floor of a building with windows that have not been changed since the 1950s. Actually, last year we had the wind crack one of the panes of glass so that one was replaced.

To all our readers on the East Coast, be safe and smart this weekend!