best of office weekend roundup 63

Reusable plastic zip ties! I want these. You can get them at Reuseit

Hydro-Power Calculator from Neatoshop!

I forgot to post this a few weeks ago. Amazing Post-it Note structures by Yo Shimada. See more pics on DesignBoom

How to fix a dried out sharpie! Link

Pretty, pretty calculators – Link

Ridiculously expensive but so cute – striped trash bags from Alice Supply Co

I want one of these iHome Desk Lamp Organizers! Link

Mmmmm edible crayons. See more pics here

How to glue This to That.

Write lovely words on your wall with thumbtacks on Decor Hacks

Make an ugly fan beautiful – Link

I’ve been thinking about this pic all week. I saw it on ProfessionalGal

Oooh LED Paper clips! Link

It’s starting to feel like fall in Boston! I’m pretty happy about it because the past few days have been hot/humid death. Enjoy your weekend!