best of office weekend roundup 64

This bendy paper clip lamp is awesome. More pics on Behance

Coolest video I have seen in a long long time.

Cardboard packaging that molds to whatever shape you are wrapping. Link

Do your hair with HarKlipps (binder clips) – see more pics on Behance

These ads are proof that scotch tape is strong. See more on Behance

Make a little fruit basket with paper plates and tape! Link

So many beautiful paper sculptures on James Roper’s website

Buy a girl supplies so she can go to school at The Girl Store

Lots and lots of clear push pins create “Is Sameness Overrated?” More pics on Behance

Scary push pin bacteria! More pics on Behance

I wish I had a magical forest behind my house to use as a backdrop for office supply pics. Link

Kind of cool Formula 1 stationery set in the Formula 1 store

I love this bright yellow calculator made from plastic made from corn from the MoMA Store

I really really want this scissor necklace from the MoMA Collection.

10 things to do with dry-erase markers on Lifehack

Funny coffee mug from the Onion Store

Fax machines are still pretty impressive haha – Onion Story

Read about a 3D Printer on Yanko Design

15 Predictions for the Future of Office Space

What kind of pencil are you on the Well Appointed Desk

Flavored Ink from USInk Now you can lick your magazines.

I don’t remember where I saw this – but a guy is selling leftover paper mate pens on craigslist. For like 10 bucks. And I laughed when I saw that his friend offered to throw in some eraser caps to sweeten the deal. Link

I want a pencil vending machine! Get yours at the Toy Depot

How to sell your idea on the Art of Manliness (the people going on Shark Tank should read this)

(Sorry for the word at the beginning. I saw this on CubicleBot)

How to secure an iPad on the Kensington Blog

Buy the Catalogue of American Pencils here

Seen on Laughing Squid

Sorry this was a long one! Have a great weekend!


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