best of office weekend roundup 66

I’m really liking this scissor hanger I saw on Yanko Design

(this movie has a little scandal in it)

Buy a cute school bag for your kid and they give one to another kid! Link

Best way to use a desk organizer – fill a section with fruit loops. Link

Is stubble appropriate for the office? Debate on the Working Wardrobe

Blu-tack made into words! More pics on Cargo Collective

I want to make one of these clocks! Tutorial on Plucky Momo

Hobby Bamboo Pencil Jars from AcneJr

Make little post-it note stacks into little books – Link

Sharpies + Great clothes

Now this looks safe. You can look down and work while you drive – more sarcastic commentary on Unclutterer

I love these Rhombin organizers from the Utility Collective

Bike + Pencils! Seen on the Well Appointed Desk

The prettiest office supplies in this Etsy Shop

Haha I like this – Link

New bento boxes from rubbermaid! So cute. See more pics on their site

Write your signature in pink marker and upload it to the Sharpie Website and they will donate a $1 to City of Hope. More info

This weekend I will be thinking about Steve Jobs and remembering what it was like before I had an iPhone and an iMac. I feel a lot of love and gratitude for all the amazing products we get to use today. Have a great weekend everyone!