best of office weekend roundup 67

I am not a spider person but this seems Halloween appropriate – get it at the Smithsonian Store

This necklace is made with paper clips! Tutorial + the Kid Version

I really like this font made with post-it notes found here

This is the truth – from Indexed

A ceiling light made with tons of desk lamps! You have to see the rest of this studio, it is so so cool. More pics on Miss Moss

Facebook is definitely the most needy friend I have – link

Decorate your walls with paper clip stickers! Buy them here

Ariane Prin made this little gadget that recycles clay and other products to make pencils. More details on Handmade Charlotte

How to talk to friends who are laid off on The New Professional

I want a piggy stapler! Link

I think all chairs should have chair socks! Buy them here

Not sure if I would have anyone do this to my wedding dress, but it’s a fun idea. Link

Best story ever – A guy started out with paper clip and traded up and up to eventually get a house! Link

Anybody know what movie/tv show this is from? I love the paper clip jacket! Link

Separated pencil by sanding, grinding, filing ,and crushing and paper shredded into a fine dust – Link

A copier that releases the smell of fresh rain and plays the sounds of the rainforest to signal that there’s a paper jam. Link

Look at Jen’s new teapot! Link

I would like to see this in person someday. The white house is lit up with pink lights for BCA Month – Link

Whenever I carry books around in my bag they always get wrecked. Make a book cover with this easy tutorial from Somewhat Simple

I love these ads – see more on Behance

(you should probably try to do this at work today)

Some really classy costume ideas from Jillian Harris

Maybe this is what my brain looks like – Link

Made with food! Link

Turn a paper clip into a cubicle wall hanger with instructions from the Sleepy Geek

Rubber band ball LAMP – saw it on the Office Stylist

Have a great weekend!


  • Awesome & inspiring roundup. Who’s up for some office crafting?? Thanks for including Dollar Store Crafts & DSMom in your roundup! I’m off to make a paperclip suit coat now. :)