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best of office weekend roundup 68

We’ve mentioned Herb Williams before but these Crayon Wildfire Sculptures are so cool! See more pics on Design Boom

J-Me has some really cool products. I like the key door stop!

Quit your job using a marching band. I felt kind of stressed out for the guy when I was watching the video – seen at The Collared Sheep

I wish I had keyboard tread on the bottom of my shoes – Link

Make a jump rope using old markers! Link

I want calendar wallpaper! Link

So many fun office things from DCI Gift!

Best use of masking tape I’ve seen all week. Link

Have fun with your file cabinets! Link

I love this simple pencil sharpener design I saw on Yanko Design

Vintage Classroom Scissors on Flickr

Tips for Traveling With Your Co-Workers at Corporette

Amazing woven plastic cup sculptures by John Mars on ManMade DIY

Cutest pencil light for a kids room – more pics on Ashley Ann Photography

Make a Zebra Duck Tape Mask with the Duck Tape you hopefully win next week! Link

A post-it note sponge – more pics on Flickr

I like these Duct Tape Ornaments – buy them on Etsy

Use College Tape or Color Duck Tape to show your College Spirit and win $1000 for Duck Tape! Check out the contest on Facebook

Cover your ceiling with CDs! Link

Pencil Derby Car! Link

Make cute, custom pencil sharpeners – Link

Put your baby’s face on thumbtacks haha – seen on Martha Stewart

Love this red crayon wreath! Link

Spice Girls Stationery!

Pencils in a window display at Hermes – Link

Beautiful, silver, pencil shaving necklaces. More info at Design Milk

Have a great weekend! It’s supposed to be sunny and semi-nice this weekend which makes me really excited. Next week we are having a Halloween giveaway so come back Monday to check it out!


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