best of office weekend roundup 70

A $405 rubber band candle from Net-A-Porter

Lions with pencil shaving manes! Link

A pencil graveyard – see more pics at STUDIOLAV

A wedding guest book embellished with office supplies by your guests! Martha Stewart

What happens when you microwave a bunch of crayons. Lots of other cool things are microwaved at Microwhat

Use washable glue to design/dye a t-shirt! Seen at Lost Crates, tutorial at U Create

Enter to win a book from Secretary4Life!

High maintenance power strips – get them from Lush Life Home

A rubber band CUBE! Created by Matthew Fox Larkin

This reminds me of this Modern Family episode – comic from the Collared Sheep

Fish at work everyday with a desktop fishing game. From Geek Alerts

Kind of a ridiculous idea to spruce up your old chair – Link

Cutest striped pencils tutorial – Martha Stewart

A great review of dining etiquette for upcoming holiday dinners. Seen at Capitol Hill Style

How to stay professional during pregnancy from the New Professional

I can’t wait to decorate my christmas tree with office supplies! Martha Stewart

A bulletproof backpack

Submit your desk looking it’s best or worst and win tons of cute office supplies! From the Levo League

Plug in your USB flower and lovely scent fills the room. Awesome. Get them here

Sorry about the delayed weekend roundup! I was seriously in the middle of working on it when the internet stopped working (coincidentally it was the same time our landlord started mowing the lawn.) I ran a few errands hoping it would be on when I got back but it wasn’t. This morning the comcast guy came and discovered it had been disconnected. No one knows why. Oh well. Hope you had a great weekend!