best of office weekend roundup 71

I will never be able to afford the Tricolor Wood Desktop Chest from Muhs Home but I still want it.

Hawaii + Rubber band sculptures – Link

Birds that look like pencils! Link

Paper clips can fix any situation, from Letterology

My calendar feels how I feel, shirt from Threadless

Hole punch some colored paper, a few streaks of glue, and you’ll have the prettiest ribbon for your present – from 3@12

What did when your bored at work and you have a stamp pad. Stamp pad Animals. Link

I need this desk. Natty by Design

Take a cheap wire waste basket and make it into a light! Instructions at Poppy Talk

I would love to see this patio full of rubber band items in person. See lots of other cool rubber band art related stuff at The Rubber Band

I must be in a rubber band mood. This looks really fun right now. Link

This looks like a present wrapped in outlets and topped with a door knob bow. Object Artist

How to get started doing freelance work on the New Professional

Prettiest extension cord I’ve ever seen. Get the Wire Pod from Artecnica

It’s a notepad made of napkins. I think this could be a funny gift for someone. Link

This just made me laugh. Worst sales assistant ever. Link

I want some Chanel permanent markers! Refinery29

Yes, I do like drawing. Link

Make yourself a cat keyboard wrist rest! Instructions on Instructables

Seriously, you have to click through to Design Boom and see the other pics.

A legal pad pocketbook – buy on Etsy

This is kind of like a paper clip wave – Link

Get a kit from Reform School Rules to make a felt rocket ship pencil case!

I love this guy that’s made out of pencil shavings – Link

Dry-Erase shoes! They even come with markers. Get them from Graffeeti

Have a great weekend!