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best of office weekend roundup 73

Paint your push pins with nail polish! Seen on Sally J Shim’s Blog

My friend’s work bought these for their new office! Roseart Color Blanks

A pencil crossbow – see on Twitter

Delicious, easy lunch ideas from

Acorn tops + thumbtacks! Seen on Apartment Therapy

Make little paper dinosaur cut-outs stand up with paper clips! Made By Joel

Turn your old keyboard into magnets! Idea from the Swingline Blog

haha, Cubiclebot

Use old crayon pieces + an iron to make wrapping paper! Tutorial on Momtastic

Check out Instructables Weekly Make it Challenge! Make something with office supplies to win!

I tried to find this spongebob episode for a long time but couldn’t. Apparently the apocalypse is coming and it’s raining office supplies! Link

Make a picture using cd cases! From Country Living

A woven burlap memo board! Link

Turn old grandma bling into cool thumbtacks! Link

Glittery thumbtacks! Get them from Etsy

Porcelain number thumbtacks – buy them here

Melted crayon art. This looks so fun! Tutorial on Momtastic

Cutest noticeboards from Creatables

Sign up to be a Pentel artist to get free products to try out!

Window storage boxes from Berry Red

Melt crayons, make pretty ornaments! Link

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