best of office weekend roundup 75

Best and only IT christmas tree I’ve ever seen. Link

I would love to go to this post-it note show in LA! Tons of artists are selling post-it note art for $20 a piece. Info here

What to do with all those mailing tubes – Link

Keyboard + plate! I really like this idea although I’m trying to think about how you could clean the plate. Maybe if it was a removable plate. Link

I need to find someone to make one of these for me. Or you could get this vintage one on Etsy

Love this desk! Link

Take notes on this ruler! More info Quirky Blog

A macro lens + a rubber band! Works for every phone! And it’s only 15 bucks. Link

Lots of advice about how much to drink at an office party on Grubstreet

The best use of office supplies – using paper clips as extra ornament hooks! Link

Make a super fancy clipboard. Instructions on Dollar Store Crafts

paper clips + magnetic strips + popsicle sticks to keep the kids entertained. More busy bag ideas on Teach Beside Me

Clips that stick to the wall using static! Magic. Read more about them here

A good use for old computer monitors! Buy them here

Use coffee filters to make snowflakes! Link

I seriously need to make one of these. Link

Donate school supplies to kids around the world! Learn more about Project Learning Around the World

A classy paper chain, suitable for the office. Project at Sally J Shim’s Blog

Story of my life – Link

Cork board + Shipping Tags – perfect way to display seating arrangements. Link

Lovely binder clips – Link

Does your office look like this? It’s a tinsel explosion! Link

This article about CEO Barbie on the Onion is really funny.

Make a chalkboard book for kids to write different stories! Link

I want some of this scratch art paper from National School Supply

What not to do at the office potluck on at Jobacle

Use tape to help kids match shapes! Link

Have a great weekend!