best of office weekend roundup 76

Prettiest thumbtack ball – Link

Klipnotes are a cool idea! More info on their website

That’s a nice way to relate snow to office supplies – Link

Make cute notebooks with vintage card covers as last minute gifts! Instructions on Design Sponge

I have saved this image to share forever. The cutest ideas for wrapping presents with office supplies! Link

A paper clip fawn – Link

Paper clip Angels! DIY

I always love seeing fabric paper clip bookmarks

A simple and cute tree made with tape – link

Oscar and Meredith from the Office explain that paper > than an iPad

Gaslighting in the workplace on Capitol Hill Style (I’ve never heard of this term but I definitely get it)

(This video is kind of weird…and funny?)

I still really really want to try sun print paper. Link

A pretty paper clip dragonfly – Link

A lamp made with packing peanuts – DIY on Design*Sponge

I’m really liking this clear, bubble wrap looking laptop case today. Seen on the Samsill website

Need a last minute secret santa gift for a co-worker or friend that you know really well? How about a plant with eyes! Link

A mouse that makes you stand up and yo-yo it to charge it. Link

The best Manager door I’ve ever seen – Link

Nice computer lamp, more pics and info on Recyclart

Dress up wooden furniture with some colored tape! Link

Recruitment Exec fired for sending a terrible email

Why it can be bad to comment on emails out loud

Sorry for the swear word but it made me laugh – link

Cute key coffee mugs – Link

Googly eye thumb tacks from Zakka Life

Nice paper christmas tree – Link

I love cubicle decorations – Link

Numpad turns your iPhone into a keypad – Link

New paint brush shapes! I really love this post on Junk Culture

Pencil sharpener ring on Melissa Easton Design

Brand keyboard – Link

Avery infinity ad – Link

Nice office christmas tree! – Link

Awesome prank – Link

A wreath made with construction paper! Great project for kids. Instructions here

I can’t believe it’s 50 degrees in Boston today with no snow! This east coast winter has been quite mild so far. I don’t want to jinx it or anything but I would like a little snow. I’m heading out to California for the next few weeks and I’ll be checking in and blogging a little bit while I’m gone. Have a great weekend!


  • gracej

    Haha, thanks for sharing!

  • I so need the pencil sharpener ring for my son. It’d keep him in seat (or at least eliminate that excuse!).