best of office weekend roundup 77

I love a good hour of office window gazing. Link

I am so happy about this new Taylor Swift video!

And this little behind the scenes office webisode.

3 great things for a countertop- office supplies, a cat, and a bowl of fruit. Link

Pencil Forest

I love this christmas tree with lots of office supplies – Link

Felt Tip Prints! Learn more about the artist on Junk Culture

More reasons to buy those neon price tag stickers at the store! More info on Design*Sponge

Pen works after being in a lady’s stomach for 25 years on Cubicle Bot

A copy machine pencil topper

Cute Sharpie mustache ornament from the Sharpie Blog

Cute post-it note advent calendar from Givers Log

I want a ruler wreath! Love that ruler bow. Link

Dunder Mifflin Paper! It’s Real! Link

Pencil and rubber band catapult – Link

A little sticky note holder man from Touch of Europe

Animal crayon boxes – Link

Volcanic Ash colored notepads – Link

A portable photo scanner! Get it from Sharper Image

Interesting rubber band book cover – Link

Cutest Desk Icons by Zoie Yanagawa

Cute animal crayons – Link

I love this ad. Who doesn’t love overusing a good pencil sharpener? Link

Make little paper creep guys – Link

Cool use for pencil shavings – Link

A carpet made out of staples by We Make Carpets

Screen cleaner + Mousepad + Screen Protector – Link

Love this crocodile stapler!