best of office weekend roundup 78

She pounded nails into scissors, impressive! Link

A calendar to unravel everyday on Letterology

If you talk with your hands a lot like this, I hope someone adds piano sounds to your desk.

If your browser looks like this, your computer is probably really slow. Cubiclebot

I want to make a bright orange cable basket! More pics on Recyclart

Kind of an interesting picture of all these North Korean leaders holding notebooks – from Notebook Stories

O Pencil tree from Fred’s Pencils!

29 Lessons after a year of Networking from Classy Career Girl

The cutest way to store your colored pencils – Link

Make a book stand from a laundry detergent bottle – Link

A pen-orah! From No Pen Intended

Keyboard guitar haha Link

I want this Shift Clock

An empty permanent marker holder becomes a toothbrush case – Link

Cute paper clip typeface!

I love this idea. A pencil sharpener attached to a lid! Link

Cool pencil holder, desk organizer – Link

Office Yoga Book!

Office Spa Book!

For those who can’t sign your cast with a Sharpie in person –eCast

Pop art with duct tape – more pics here

Bic Marker Ads

The last roundup of 2011! Here’s a link to our first roundup of 2011 I hope everyone has a wonderful New Year’s Eve/Day this weekend (one less day of work!) We’ll be back with a new giveaway on Tuesday and lots of posts next week.

– Grace

  • Joey Yeh

    Thanks Janet!

  • Janet

    You folks come up with the coolest stuff for your blog. I love looking through your e-mail when it arrives in my in-box. :-)