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best of office weekend roundup 81

Look out for Shoulder Surfers!

I loved the Bill Cunningham Documentary, especially when he was making his rain poncho with garbage bags and duct tape.

This office trolley is a fun alternative to a traditional filing cabinet.

DIY 3 Ring Binder Pouch

A cute way to make a collection board – clipboard + double stick tape – More instructions here

DIY Italian Thumbtacks

Use pastels for rainbow colored hair. Link

Best idea! Get ruler stickers to put on your CCs. Cyber Guys

Finish this Book

Fun office supplies drawings at the Poppin Blog

I love this luggage tag.

Different types of scissors.

DIY Paper Pencils on Scissors.Paper.Wok

John Short

Office Decor – How nice is too nice? – Corporette

I want some of this tiny police line sticky tape

DIY Handcuffs. I think the biggest punishment would be pulling your hands apart and having that rubber band snap and hit you in the face.

A review for pocket shaped notebooks!

A prank on a guy who had just written an article about corn. Link

Sharpen a shredder with tin foil according to Lifehacker

David Stark Post-it Note Wall

New Bic Disposable Fountain Pens! I want to try these out.

Pencil Mug!

Giant Ceramic Pencil Pencil Holder

Colored Pencil Iron

Keep track of medication doses with a Sharpie

Office Supplies Collage

DIY Celine Inspired Cuff using brass fasteners!

Nice laptop pocket

No more snooze for you!

Pretty pretty school supplies

Best trick! Use a dustpan to fill buckets

Ferrari Pencil Sharpeners

Two Fold Notebook

DIY Glitter Tape

I love this water cooler comic! See it bigger here

One of my new favorite pens – the Pilot Precise Grip

New Shoplet Paper Packaging!

Have a great weekend!


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