best of office weekend roundup 83

Pretty, pretty colored circles – Link

Make this pretty board with silver thumbtacks – Link

“The invaders attack your office! Use your finger to destroy them all before your boss does not come back!!!” Office Attack App

Best, mild office prank – Cubiclebot

Furniture Pin Clock

A mini hon chair! I want it. From the HON Twitter

Cool lamp, Design Milk

Master lock made with LEGOs

Make a little rubber band friend to take around with you – Patrik of Rubber

Office Toxins study on You Beauty

Office workout tips on Refinery29

If you glance quickly, don’t those flowers look like pencil shavings? Link

Layered pencils

It scans what you eraser! Yanko Design

I wish I could sketch like this. Link

A DIY Post Office Play Kit

I give this strategy a C for efficiency, but an A for innovation.

I love how they turned this into an adult version.

Bus Office

MMM Gogurt

Adhesive dots + glitter

Paint colors inspired by rulers.

Pretty tape ball.

Make that boring meeting a little more exciting with the Office Antics App

Recover some paint cans for more organization – BHG

Cutest office.

Pencil Notebooks

Pretty school supplies

Recover a notebook with an envelope from Happy Sketch

I love this challenge! Stop throwing away mailing envelopes, use them again! Link

Win $1000 in Office Art at Office Snapshots

Staple City.

Heels to match your chair! Link

I really hope someone buys this thing. So funny. Ready the story on Cubicle Bot

Faxing is such a pain – try the iFax app

DIY File Folder

Black Pearl review

I love these office bingo cards

Make an impromptu whiteboard with saran wrap – Lifehacker

I’ve been watching a lot of Frasier lately. I liked when he put the file folder below this lady when she was crying.

Wooden office supplies from Horiuchi Woodcraft for the wood-obsessed.

Have a great weekend!