best of office weekend roundup 85

Buy this Pencil Print

I love this chalk pencil. Review on Pencil Talk

Shipping tag business cards

Sticky note envelopes from Muji. So cool! Office Supply Geek

I want a heart tape dispenser! Link

Make a bulletin board map to mark your travels. Link

Pooh Paper Notebook (50% is made of elephant dung from Sri Lanka!)

A find and make robot! This is such a cool idea. They tell you what you need to collect and make it yourself. Get it from MAKEDO

Make laminated faces and draw on them with dry erase markers! From Play at Home Mom

Prettiest step ladder I’ve ever seen.

Lauren Moffat’s School Girl Collection.

Seahorse Letter Opener

Love this.

Quilled paper pencil toppers

Binder clips to label mail slots.

Cool LEGO Hand Sanitizer for a LEGO Party


I love these Multi Color Crayon Sticks

Love this laptop A Stand

I love this carbon fiber mouse (and the red stapler!) Flickr

Paper Clip Hair

Ruled Letter Opener

I like the look of the office supplies scanned on Scanning Life

Drawing fingerprints with Sharpie Pens – Ads of the World

Make a seashell pencil cup.

Nice desktop sketch

Tricky web surfing.

Have a great weekend! For those who may be new to the blog and have missed out on some posts, I created an Explore Page with some of our stuff from the past. Enjoy!


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