best of office weekend roundup 87

Binder clip trap for a paper polar bear – Link

I love these leather tabs that you can attach with binder clips and paper clips – Link

Make easter eggs with a hole punch and some glue! Instructions on Daily Activities for Kids

USB powered CD Lamp! Instructables

I love this post-it flag tree!

CD Case Chandelier

Scotch tape is stronger than ropes? Link

Yard Stick Shelf

Now this is a creative use of office supplies. Two staplers = an iPad holder! Link

Double Stick Tape Dispenser! I’ve never seen one of these! Link

Prettiest stapler I’ve ever seen. Get it on Etsy

WHY I LOVE STATIONERY! I agree with this article 100%.

Loved this on New Girl – Link

Little office supplies man – Link

A Day at the Office set on Etsy

A busy parent’s guide to quick fixes using office supplies

Apple Pencil Sharpener

The new scotch tape dispenser – rabbit!


Use a jewelry box as an office supplies organizer – Arianna Belle

Freakonomics Podcast – The Dilbert Index

Thanks for the reminder – Link

Vintage Office Papers Pack

Solar powered desktop wind turbine from Nigel’s Ecostore

Love these Lyra Colorstripe Pencils

A redundant calculator

Make notes on your washing machine about what shouldn’t go in the dryer with a dry-erase marker – Link

Cool Orange Desk Chair

Zebra Pencils Giveaway on Surviving a Teacher’s Salary

I just need the eyes- Link

The Staedtler mascot!

A giant pencil sharpener

I love this hot pink office

Notepad from Orla Kiely

Vintage Tic Tac Toe Pencil Sharpener

Constellation Notebook

This game looks fun! Link

Best prank ever. Link

Vintage Dietzgen Pencil Sharpener

Memo USB Clip

Painters tape cubicle, kind of a mean prank? Link

Inflatable Laptop Riser!

Floppy disk trash can

Toe Mouse

Makeup Mouse

Post-it Note Dresses!

Crayon Robots

Have a great weekend!


  • As a professional organizer, I sometimes get some funny looks when I’m gleeful about office supplies. Blog posts like this raise office supplies to an art form. I just love these — especially that poor bear and the Lilo inflatable laptop riser!