best of office weekend roundup 9

Nothing worse than being stuck in miniature traffic at work. Photo by Erik Rasmussen

How to recover your Filofax (not required: making it really really girly) Found at Violet’s

The Philippines love Mongol Pencils! I have not heard of this brand but I guess if you ask for a “mongol”, they will give you a pencil! Now that’s good branding. Read more about it on Pencil Talk

The Pen is mightier than the keyboard…true? Read at Graphicology

Great collection of creative workspaces found at PixelClouds

The Design company FRONT has sesame street stuff animals in their office. I like that. See more pics at Office Snapshots

The cutest apple for your desk. Store keys and other small items. Originally I thought maybe you could store an apple in there – makes sense right? Just don’t forget about it. Buy here, found at Design*Sponge

These are just screaming at you to start writing notes. Get them at

Challenge: Cover This Page with Office Supplies. Amy Florence is the creator of this masterpiece. Why don’t you make one?

Read Design*Sponge’s post on desk lamps under a 100 bucks!

Take an old piece of wood, make a pencil caddy! Easy tutorial on CraftyNest

Cute little workspace! Found at Apartment Therapy

Mario in Push Pins!! Genius. See more pics

Crayons with names that tell you what chemicals make up the color you are using. The nerdiest thing I’ve ever seen. Great Find by Sciencey!

Keep all your important computer papers together with a c-line ticket holder! Found on the C-line BLog

Ruin your career by saying stupid things! These folks did. Compilation by The Collared Sheep

Tips on how to get your resume noticed on Corporette
and what NOT to say in your cover letter by The Collared Sheep

Notepads are unraveling. Wait what? Found here

Make decorative bags out of envelopes! Read how on How About Orange

Just the correct time for your conference call with Every Time Zone. (or just go on their site and play around for a second. Kind of nifty right?)

Campaign Monitor is smart. In their feature on Office Snapshots, they talk about discovering that big communal work spaces don’t work well for their employees. Developers and creative minds need their own space! So every employee has their own office. Sweet.

Some taxpayer used a Rubbermaid Roughneck to carry $300 worth of coins to pay his taxes. Ha that’s funny. Watch the video

Anyone tried out a Knee Chair? The Sit Better blog is all about them. I’m definitely interested in improving my work sitting situation and my posture.

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