Best of Office Weekend Roundup 96

DIY Giant File Boxes!


I bet you’d never lose this safety drive

I love this vintage pencil box

Caption reads “I Have No Life” haha

Lots of paper clip models

80s Green Soda Cap Pencil Pouch

Vintage Dennison (now Avery) sale hang tags

Good idea! I’m not sure it works though. Link

Ted Goff’s Tumblr is my new favorite Tumblr to follow

Make a custom Pentel pen roll

Beautiful sketch, beautiful chair! Link

Marker Artwork

An amazing collection of Memos! Check out the Memo Archive

Nice Swingline Stapler sketch

You’re being judged for your messy desk

Sad (funny) story involving a shredder

Have a great weekend everyone! And don’t forget to enter the Mother’s Day Giveaway which ends Monday, May 7th.


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