best of office weekend roundup

Every week I collect piles and piles of links to write blogs about. It’s crazy! I just can’t make it through my list each week so I’ll try to give you some of my best “office-related” discoveries all over the internet. Don’t feel bad if you’re reading this at work because all the links are about office supplies, office clothes, office habits, etc. Nothing off topic..for the most part.

-Tell us about the everyday heroes in your life and they might win $1,000! It’s all about the Acco Heroes
-A rather fetching Dry Erase Board from Soft Scrub website and new bottles are really cute!
-Make a paper clock for your home or office from Design*Sponge
-One of our customers mentioned Zentangle. What is that?
-AMAZING Post-it Stop Motion Video. It’s a must see.
-IdeaPaint Dry-Erase Paint from Office Stylist
-A coffee table that shreds paper. Seriously. from Design*Sponge
-The Pilot pen made out of water bottles! Here’s a commercial about it
– 15 second work distraction- Solar Beats
– Discovery from looking for tools for my abc tools post. Don’t these clamps look like broken hearts?
-Yay for phosphate ban in dish washing detergent! Found at 7GenBloG
-Very colorful PaperPro Standout Staplers! and Rapid Eco Mini Staplers
– Kids craft project: make a butterfly display case

Featured 4th of July Project:

Make Sharpies Flag Sunglasses – on the Sharpie Blog!

Hope you are having (or had) a great weekend!