Best of Office Weekly Roundup: Desk Eccentrics


Who doesn’t like to break up the monotony of the typical office desk? And who doesn’t like to transform their desk into a gallery of eccentricities that scream things like “Hey, over here! Want to talk about this Batman movie poster?” In this week’s round-up, we take a look at some of the cooler (and stranger) works of desk art you might encounter on a leisurely stroll through your office. With all of the cool desk eccentrics you might find lying around your co worker’s work space, you’ll be left wondering where that coffee break disappeared to!

Pig Buddies USB Hub

This little piggy holds my excel spreadsheets; and this little piggy holds all my music.

An adorable take on the USB hub, this desk item can read and write USB flash drives without you having to reach for the back of your computer; and who wants to reach for the back of their dusty, gross computer anyway? We’re pretty sure any flash drive will work with it, even if it isn’t as cute.


Tiki Tissue Dispenser

Got the sniffles? So does this tiki, and he wants to help you out with that.

If someone asks for a tissue, you can be that person at the office who offers up a magical story of how this tiki mysteriously appeared on your desk one day, automatically refills when it runs out of tissues, grants you 3 wishes (super booger powers included!) and disappears every friday evening for an after work luau. Or maybe you can skip the eccentricities and just offer someone a tissue when they ask.


Prescription Coffee Mug

Extra black no sugar!

You need your fix and you need it now. You know a guy around the corner from your office who supplies that much needed daily dose. He likes to call himself the barista, but we all know that’s just a front. He also sells “scones” on the side and can give you a good deal on coffee with a “coupon” as he calls it.


Get it? A tape that dispenses tape.

Get it? A tape that dispenses tape.

Much like the puns of the 80s, this retro piece has no problem “keeping it fresh” with plenty of nostalgia from the days when tracksuits and walking down the block with a boom box were all the rage. Kids these days will never know the fun and convenience of carrying around nine songs on a Walkman with 4 hours of battery life.


Smores Keyboard

“No, I couldn’t finish that expense report because someone ate my keyboard. Yes, seriously.”

A fun and delicious take on the popular kid snack, only you have ever seen this keyboard as it never stays put long enough for most coworkers to see (or nibble) it. Maybe Bob in accounting knows where the keyboard went; he’s been licking his fingers for a suspicious amount of time.


For the love of the game.

For the love of the game.

Professional Rolodex flipping is not for the faint of heart. It takes years of dedication before you’re drafted by your dream office team in an unprecedented multi-year contract. Then comes the sponsorships and cameo roles. But when an injury sees you sitting on the sidelines, this handy little tool makes sure those all-star digits heal properly.

…. you can find it right here at Shoplet.



“Your note-taking lacks discipline, grasshopper.”

You don’t need help focusing your inner chi when you got this handy little Post- It ninja on your desk. Show your coworkers that you can post notes with lightning speed and deadly accuracy!

Hey, the office can be a boring place from time to time, so there’s no harm in having a little fun and throwing your coworkers for a loop with these wacky items. If you have to share your space with someone, at least make it enjoyable for yourself and a nice change of scenery for everyone else, right? what items do you guys have on your desk? Let us know in the comments.