Bic Pen, the Rebirth

To set the tone for the relaunch of our blog, we wanted to post something that will hopefully define the style of our future posts to come. We wanted this post to incorporate a little bit of beauty, a little bit of function, a little bit of humor, a little bit of sustainability, a little bit of destructive inventiveness, and a lot of plain old fun! Something that truly caught our eye were these spectacular reuse of a workplace essential- the bic pen. Now they are just as useful off the clock, as on the clock.



All I can say is, for all those times during school and childhood, having being disciplined for the nervous habit of chewing up my pens, this wonderful concoction of pen caps and eating utensils can finally be the reason I can proudly return to my favorite childhood pastime. Now if there is only some gourmet lunch meal I can terrorize with these wonderful cutleries. Din-ink is designed by 3 Italian designers for DesignBoom’s Dining in 2015 competition. Not only are these utensils futuristic in concept, they are futuristic and environmentally friendly in material fabrication as well. Din-ink is made of natural starch and is heat-resistant, and is completely biodegradable in 180 days.

bic chandelier


Wow, if this chandelier doesn’t make you a little territorial over your office pens, I don’t know what will. The pure brilliance of this chandelier, both literal and figurative, have definitely enlightened me to the importance of recycling my Bic pens. This chandelier is by design studio en Pieza is made entirely of Bic ballpoint pens.

bic blowgun


Most of the times, the office seems like such a civilized place. However beneath the suave manners of custom tailored suits, the survival principles of the jungle runs deep. What better ways to protect yourself than to be armed with a bic blowgun you can manufacture in the leisure of your office. Warning: made not to seriously maim, but to intimidate, and possibly deeply annoy.



It’s alive! Who knew these normally stiff pens would be so animate, lively, and ethereal under the lively touch of electricity. This anemone lamp, is designed by Paolo Ulian, as part of an exhibition at Italy in1998.

Bic art

Pure art

Now for something truly non-functional utilitarian-wise, but to appeal to the soul. This is an installation, called ‘all over store’, by artist Herbert Hinteregger in 2006. Reminds me personally of a roomful of hungry, angry, flying locusts ready to pulverize the room in waiting! Maybe it is a social commentary on the nature of our contemporary office place?