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Bic Tote Bag Prize Pack Giveaway!

Tote bag


This week’s Shoplet giveaway is sponsored by Bic! Three absolutely lucky duck winners will receive a canvas tote bag filled to the brim with over $100 worth of WOW-tastic Bic supplies!

Gel pens, highlighting tape, white board erase markers, permanent pens- you name it(!)- are just a few of the items found stuffed in these lovely tote bags :)

Perhaps, the only difficulty you might face upon receiving this prize is fishing around the tote bag for whatever specific pen you had in mind.

This giveaway will, guaranteed, solve all of your writing utensil woes!

Wanna win? Here’s how to enter:

Leave us a comment below to let us know why you love writing with Bic pens!

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(Make sure to leave one separate comment for each extra entry you do!)

We will pick 3 winners using on November 11th.

Good luck, everyone :)

530 thoughts on “Bic Tote Bag Prize Pack Giveaway!”

  1. Kelly says:

    I can always count on my Bic pen to write! The other day I couldn’t find my normal pen and so went through 3 others until I found one that would write :(

  2. Kirsten says:

    Follow Shoplet on Instagram

  3. Nancee Zimmers says:

    As a teacher, I love to use colored pens in my classroom

  4. Betty says:

    I like Bic because I know it will always work.

  5. Chanda Millard says:

    Bic pens are awesome. They last a long time and do not smear like other brands.

  6. Tabathia B says:

    Because the ink doesn’t bleed or run together or blur

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  7. Tabathia B says:

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  9. Tabathia B says:

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  10. Becky Smith says:

    I teach school so am always looking for pens. These are great!

  11. Becky Smith says:

    Liked on Facebook.

  12. Mia Bennett says:

    I love writing with Bic Pens because they write really smooth. It’s like when you are writing with them your hand just glides over the paper.

  13. Lisa Jones says:

    Pens! I can never have enough pens!

  14. Lisa Jones says:

    Liked on Facebook!

  15. Kelly says:

    Gotta love Bic products. The only things that really work!

  16. Laura D says:

    As a teacher, using good quality pens is important. Bic has great products.

  17. autumn eaton says:

    I love Bic because they are grea quality and long lasting.

  18. autumn eaton says:

    Like Shoplet on Facebook

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    Follow Shoplet on Twitter

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    Subscribe to your YouTube

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    Follow Shoplet on Pinterest

  22. autumn eaton says:

    Follow Shoplet on Instagram

  23. darlene says:

    i love bic pens my kids and myself use them everyday in school and at work. i am pickie about my pens and bic has to be my fav thank you for the chance and good luck everyone xoxo

  24. darlene says:

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  28. darlene says:

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  29. Victoria Finney says:

    I can always count on the Bic pens and writing utensils to work! Every time! Love me some Bic products!!

  30. Victoria Finney says:

    follower on facebook victoria maria

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