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13 Binder Clip Hacks!

cover 13 Binder Clip Hacks!

Never have I ever appreciated the wonders of a binder clip until I started doing research for this post. Who knew that binder clips are useful for so, so, so many situations?? In fact, after reviewing this post, you might consider keeping a few spare binder clips handy in your purse (alongside some spare change & pepper spray).

All hail binder clips!

Learn how you can optimize your life with these 13 binder clip hacks:

hqdefault 13 Binder Clip Hacks!

(1) Need a quick fix for a practical wallet? Boom!

111112 30 uses for binder clips penceil pen holder 13 Binder Clip Hacks!

(2) A “pimped out” pencil and picture holder! Constructed out of binder clips and rubber bands (easy!)

original 13 Binder Clip Hacks!

(3) Keep hanging folders from sliding with binder clips

binderclips kabels 660x439 500 13 Binder Clip Hacks!


(4) Organize your cables with binder clips

s KITCHEN LIFE HACKS large640 13 Binder Clip Hacks!

(5) Keep your sponges clean and free of all the yucky bacteria on your kitchen sink with (you guessed it!) a binder clip

binder clip shortner 13 Binder Clip Hacks!

(6) Attach a binder clip to your backpack or messenger bag to keep your headphones from getting tangled on your way to school or work

DIY iPhone tripod11 13 Binder Clip Hacks!


(7) Make a tripod for your camera phone out of jumbo binder clips

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(8) Protect your fingers from getting sliced by your razor with a binder clip!

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(9) A classic binder clip trick – roll the tip of your tooth paste tube & clip it with a binder clip to make sure that all toothpaste contents are squeezed out!

100925 clip 13 Binder Clip Hacks!

(10) Keep your booze in place with binder clips

original 1 13 Binder Clip Hacks!

(11) Emergency binder clip cuff links will show how resourceful you are to any boss, client, or contact!

phone book pencil cup 07 13 Binder Clip Hacks!

(12) Use binder clips to organize your phone book! (Laughs! Like you still use phone books).

ku xlarge 500 13 Binder Clip Hacks!

(13) Attach jumbo binder clips to the edge of your desk to hang your cluncky headphones

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