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Binder Clips into Office Weapons

Wow, if you thought working at your white-collared job, sitting in your well equipped air-conditioned office, thinking that this is probably one of the safest place to be… you may just want to think twice about that. The office is a jungle. Beside having to watch your back against office colleagues who may be wolf in sheep’s clothes, you may just have to watch out for those seemingly utilitarian office supplies, because in conjuncture with other seemingly innocent office supplies, they may just result to be one of the deadliest office weapon yet. Below is an example of our favorite office supplies- binder clips, turned into office weapons.

 Binder Clips into Office Weapons

Take a few binder clips of varying sizes, turn them upside down, and clip the smaller binder clips inside the larger clips.

 Binder Clips into Office Weapons

It should look like this when the larger binder clips have clipped the smaller ones.

 Binder Clips into Office Weapons

Remove all the binder clip handles.

 Binder Clips into Office Weapons

Add another 2 larger binder clips on top of the smaller edge with a rubber band in between.

 Binder Clips into Office Weapons

Take out the binder clips handle again.

 Binder Clips into Office Weapons

Reverse wrap the larger rubber band.

 Binder Clips into Office Weapons

If you want, you could add a laser pointer on top of this office weapon to help you aim.

 Binder Clips into Office Weapons

You could elongated object of your choice, in this case, pens and pencils works perfectly,

 Binder Clips into Office Weapons

This office weapon could really hurt if used correctly.

 Binder Clips into Office Weapons

Close up of the result of this office weapon.

Disclaimer: in no way suggest or recommend that anyone make and/or create any of the objects displayed here. The information contained here is strictly presented for information purpose only. shall in no way be liable for the conduct and/or actions of any third party based upon the information contained here. Any conduct and/or action undertaken by any thrid party is takedn at their own risk.

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76 Responses to Binder Clips into Office Weapons

  1. Time Tracker says:

    Coming from an office supply company, this is perhaps the best post of ‘beat the office doldrums’ I’ve ever seen. Well done! Good call on the disclaimer as well. ;)

  2. Mattbram says:

    Wow I super did this and made it into a full scale sniper rifle (just for fun, at home) but i took a hinge, then put a sting on the hinge to keep it from going forward, then put the rubberband on the hinge,next i put another string from the string holding the hinge back, and attached it to a trigger, so when the trigger is pulled it pulls the string down, and releses the hinge, witch leads to the rubberband being fired. i tryed it and it shot throw a an in to the side of my car.

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  9. ooops :D I think everyone should have one at their respective stations. That way, when the office psycho blows a gasket and brings an AK-47 to work, he’ll be bombarded with a hundred-fifty pens and pencils.

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  14. David says:

    Of course, we know what this means, dont we. Binder clips and rubber bands will now be banned on all flights in the UK and USA.