Black Light Highlighter Parties

I’ve never been a hardcore party person so I’m not surprised that I had never heard of black light highlighter parties. I wish I had a black light at my house to test it out! I’d love to try this black light stencil tattoo tutorial on instructables. There are a few black light party ideas on this website that look so fun!

Highlighter Bottles – If you take plastic 2 liter bottles, clean them out, and use clear ones you can put the inside of a highlighter into the bottle and fill it up with water. Wait a day and shake it and the resulting liquid will glow very very bright under blacklight. These can be very cool centerpieces and it’s a great way to recycle everyone’s old bottles.

Highlighters (plan on 2 per person) *TIP* Yellow, Orange, Pink and Green work best. Guests will need to bring white shirts.

You can even color your hair with highlighters! Just don’t put them in your mouth. (Trust me, I had a glow stick break in my mouth in 6th grade and it tasted so bad)

Have you been to highlighter party? Any tips or fun ideas?

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  • Haha I did see pics of people doing that but decided I shouldn’t post it. They did look awesome though! In a frat house kind of way :)

  • I can’t believe I’m admitting this on the internet. But back during my college days the big thing was to break highlighters into empty liquor bottles filled with water and display as “decor.” This was very big in the frat houses. Obviously.

    Good to know the kids are still keepin’ it hip these days!