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Business Gift : Great Business Gifts That Make Business Sense


business gift Business Gift : Great Business Gifts That Make Business Sense

Small gifts or tokens can be an effective way to say thanks for the extra effort, to apologize for a mistake or oversight, to celebrate the completion of a big project, or to acknowledge a promotion or special award.

While any thoughtful gift will generally be appreciated, it makes good business sense to give a gift that can be used repeatedly by the recipient during the year. That way, it serves a constant reminder of the person or company who gave it.

Business Gift Guidelines

Good/Safe Choices

  • Writing instruments
  • Stationery
  • Business cases and pad holders
  • Picture frames
  • Gift certificates
  • Food stuff (candy, popcorn, fruit baskets)
  • Plants
  • Charitable donations
  • Plaque/certificates
  • Desk clock, thermometer, paperweight

Things to Avoid

  • Personal items like clothing, fragrances.
  • Anything that might be misunderstood as romantic (like flowers)
  • It’s always wise to check first whether the company has a no-gift policy. If they do, a card or handwritten note will do.
  • Expensive gifts that might be mistaken as a bribe
  • Joke type gifts

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  1. I work in a office environment and you need to ad CHOCOLATES in it’s own category! Every year our boss give us Chocolates from a main chocolate store (don’t want to say there name) and every year we spend the next two days gaining weight. Good times!

  2. Price says:

    The sad part is a list like this is needed. Gifts that can be thought of as romantic. If someone got someone a gift that was thought of as romantic but it truly wasn’t meant to be that, sucks we have to worry about things like that.

    But regardless, great post and thank you for your time to put this type of thing together for us :)