Great Business Gifts that Make Business Sense

6 thoughts on “Great Business Gifts that Make Business Sense”

  1. Web design Mississauga says:

    I can agree that choosing the right business gift is very difficult even there are several no mistake gifts like pens, clocks, etc. My gift for this year was good wine glasses for my workers.

  2. nokia akku says:

    Its always a complicated one to get the perfect business gift. Still I think this one will help a lot to find the one.

  3. Dining Chairs says:

    We had given our exec’s pens this year. They were a smash! You can find a good, reliable, flashy pen for a reasonable price. Very good and safe gift!

  4. aiche says:

    Hrm…what about a flowering plant?

  5. Price says:

    The sad part is a list like this is needed. Gifts that can be thought of as romantic. If someone got someone a gift that was thought of as romantic but it truly wasn’t meant to be that, sucks we have to worry about things like that.

    But regardless, great post and thank you for your time to put this type of thing together for us :)

  6. Military Shadow Boxes says:

    I work in a office environment and you need to ad CHOCOLATES in it’s own category! Every year our boss give us Chocolates from a main chocolate store (don’t want to say there name) and every year we spend the next two days gaining weight. Good times!

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