Bye Office Spiders

Yeah I don’t like bugs or spiders. We’ve seen a few cockroaches at our office-gross- and I’m not anxious to see any more. I think most people go for a shoe when they see a spider but it is pretty horrifying to think that you got it with that shoe and it crawls out from underneath. Here are some alternatives to the shoe.

Introducing the DIY Spider Catcher. (Don’t worry, we will discuss whether or not it is worth your time to make this) Found here.


Here’s what you need:

  • An empty (audio) cassette tape case.
  • A rod or piece of PVC pipe
  • Some superglue or epoxy
  • A piece of string

And these tools:

  • A file
  • Duct tape
  • A drill or leather-punch
  • A paper-clip

Here’s the instructions:

The first thing you want to do is make sure your cassette case can open and close easily. If it’s too stiff, file the contact points. Next, attach the cassette case to the PVC pipe using glue or epoxy. Attach it right in the middle of where the cassette title would be. Now, drill a hole in the PVC pipe just under where it attaches to the cassette case on the same side as the back of the cassette case. Take the string, glue or tape it to the front of the cassette case, and then pass it over the top (on the side opposite the pipe), along the back of the case, and through the hole in the pipe. You might want to use a paper-clip to weight the string down so you can get it out through the bottom of the pipe.


To catch your crawly friend, open the cassette case to almost a 90 degree angle, and slide the front side of the cassette case under the creature (see below). When it falls in the case, pull on the string snapping the case shut. Then dispose of the visitor in whatever way seems best.


What do you think? Is it worth the time to do this? For some reason I feel like the shoe is more effective. I guess this turns catching a spider into a fun game.

Option #2. A legit “Spider Catcher”. Found Here.


Even available in travel size!


If you are feeling brave, watch their youtube video. The kids calmly collect giant spiders from the bedrooms and even their tent in the backyard. Any normal little girl would not be able to hold herself together when seeing a giant spider like that.

In my opinion, the best option is RAID.
First, hose the spider to death with the spray and if that doesn’t work smack it hard with the can.

What do you to fight off spiders at work or at home?