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Cheer up at the office

happy office workers Cheer up at the office

So I don’t want to make you that cheery, because that’s just annoying. But it’s been rainy in NY for the past week or so and the forecast says at least a couple more days of rain and I definitely need a boost! I’m a strong advocate for really happy, bright colors – which is usually apparent in my color overloaded outfits and a main topic of debate when creating banners and designing the site in the marketing department…anyways, it’s Thursday, and here are some bright colored items to cheer up your space!

The Spectrus USB Hub

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Designed by Yegor Zhgun, this is a USB Hub you won’t want to hide under your desk.

The Luxeed Keyboard
3594666509 4e8c1cb5d8 Cheer up at the office
As long as it doesn’t give you a headache, it will cheer you up! No more boring Dell Keyboard. You can choose the way different sections and keys light up!

Write everything with Prismacolor Pencils
3595472616 d685838f49 Cheer up at the office
I’ll admit it, I’ve definitely resorted to colored pencils when I can’t find a pencil or pen anywhere. You can too! Yeah it might get old pretty quick but it would be fun to write reminders or write on your calendar with colored pencils. You can even draw a little smiley face or sunshine next to it.

See Through Hole Punch & Tape Dispensers
3594666457 ddbc37a87e Cheer up at the office
I wish I could read anything on the website where these are from – DCX, but I can’t. They’re cool though right?

Rainbow Colored Push Pins
3594666343 949ab972c9 m Cheer up at the office
These are essential for creating this on your cubicle wall:

3274512332 084f964dd5 Cheer up at the office

Maybe you’ll need more colors..

The Happy Hours Rainbow Wall Clock
3595472364 894b47ae8d Cheer up at the office
A more subtle, classy, and modern way to cheer up your space. It has a nice sleek silver frame to dim down the rainbowness. (and it’s from target so it’s pretty cheap.) But think about how happy it will make you feel when the little hand reaches turquoise or blue.

Prism Steno Pads
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Replace that boring legal pad you always take notes in with the one of these bright options.

The Smile Cup
3594694501 4844bf511e Cheer up at the office
3594694579 356ded9564 Cheer up at the office
3595501028 d8b0b94bab Cheer up at the office
Everyone needs one of these. Perfect for breakfast or that afternoon snack. Ideally, it would have milk in the cup and some warm cookies from Au Bon Pain on the plate. I’m semi-addicted to their bag of little cookies.

Bring Your Lunch in Rainbow Craft Bags
3594666381 a3dfacc3c4 m Cheer up at the office
When I was younger we always drew on our lunch bags and now you can do the same (but with a more exciting background color than paper bag brown.)

Now the ultimate cheering up item. Rainbow Jello.

3595472560 1228f8b6df Cheer up at the office

Learn how to make it HERE. I originally found it here. Please make this for your lunch tomorrow.

Now I don’t personally recommend using all of these items at once. Color overload is bound to happen if you decide to swap out every black or gray thing on your desk with something that is bright pink or red or orange. Sometimes you just need one thing like a nice desktop background for your computer.¬†Currently mine is this:

3594767709 95a6fc0e96 Cheer up at the office

Lake Tahoe sounds pretty good right now right?I hope you have a cheery day!

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