Christmas in Your Office

Christmas Office Decoration Christmas Office Decoration
Christmas Office Decoration Christmas Office Decoration

Christmas is right around the corner. If you have not done anything to decorate your office, it still not too late to do so!
That being said, decorating an office space is a difficult task. As I have mentioned in my last entry – Make Yourself Home , most offices use poor lighting, which automatically makes things look dull and dreadful, including Christmas decorations. Remeber when my co-worker at my old job used to put up a Christmas tree in the office, it almost always ended up looking dead because of the piercing cold office lighting. Besides, you have to worry about space issues; you don’t want to go over the line and take too much space, which can affect the productivity of your office, and you ended up getting dirty looks for your Christmas.

However, difficult is not impossible. Besides observing the attributes of your office, the best way to find out your limits is to communicate with your supervisors and co-workers to see what they think. Check out the above images and see Willa’s effort in making decorating her office. She really made her office look nice. Okay, now make it work.

By the way, speaking of trees, our application on facebook – Green Office is doing very well recently. We have been saving a lot of trees. Make sure you check that out as well! ■

  • It looks really nice, right? Offices are not suppose to be dark and dull.

  • I can’t believe your office looks like that. You are so lucky. I don’t think my boss would let me decorate the office like that. How did you get your boss to be ok with all the decorations?

  • This holiday post really got me in the x-mas spirit! I only wish my office was decorated in this fashionable manner. Perhaps, I will suggest this idea to some of my co-workers! Thank you for the inspiration.