Coin-Shaped Usb Drive


Lacie has a habit to come up with innovative designs for its products that may or may not appeal to some, such as the 2001 monolith-like hardrive, the flower vase hub, or the boat air vent speakers. This time around, they are releasing a usb flash drive that looks like a coin.  The USB 2.0 drive is even constructed out of metal so it’s going to feel like a coin, too.

Two sizes are available with the 4GB sporting a bronze exterior while the larger 8GB has silver digs. Thankfully, they start out at $19.99 for the 4GB which isn’t that much to lose if you accidentally drop one into a your Starbucks Tip Jar.


One thought on “Coin-Shaped Usb Drive”

  1. Diana Insurancey says:

    I dont really get the point in this, I think I’d be scared of losing it they are so small!

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