Creative Laptop Sleeves

Laptop sleeves have become another accessory of fashion as diversity in range and style increases. They are no longer only the protective enclosing for your precious new laptop but have become just another outlet for one to show. Moreover, i find it interesting that a majority of these eccentric laptop sleeves were made (or displayed) with Mac computers. Here is a short list of my new favorite sleeves.

The “Air Mail”  by Manila Mac

The clever developers of this sleeve came up the concept of the Air Mail idea minutes after watching Steve Jobs sporting the new Mac Air at his keynote at Macworld. They took the concept of the thinnest laptop fitting the envelope and released a laptop sleeve that resembles to a manila envelopes – but made out of more sustainable fabrics. Learn more at their website:

DIY Laptop Sleeve

If you really want to express who you are, you’ve got be able to communicate it. Your most expressive nature is in your art. So pick up your pen, pencil, paintbrush or whatever you’ve got and get your freak on. DIY Laptop Sleeves are bare canvas, ready for your individuality to come out. [via ThinkGeek]

Plywood laptop case

This project is an exploration into the process of bending plywood. The laptop case is formed from two bend panels of plywood which slide along one another to encase the laptop computer.The case is lined with cork to provide additional heat resistance and protection. The case is lined with cork for a natural form of protection. The case opens and closes using two pieces of wood that slide along one another. Currently, its not available for purchase but hopefully some design firm will pickup the idea. [via NOTCOT]

More: Etsy also has a great selection of homemade Laptop Sleeves – or if you are feeling really creative, Instructables has a great DIY laptop sleeve

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