Cubicle Chic Favorites

Note: Today’s blog post has been taken over by two lovely ladies from Cubicle Chic! Check out their must-haves for the office.

We are Lindsay and Meredith of Cubicle Chic, a blog about dressing for the workplace with creativity and flair. Getting dressed for the 9-5 doesn’t need to be a chore – it can be a fun opportunity for you to express your sense of style!

Work situation
Because both of us work as paralegals, blogging happens in our free time. This means early in the morning, after work and on weekends. Thankfully, we love the work that goes in to maintaining Cubicle Chic – everything from taking pictures, writing, learning HTML and networking – so devoting time to blogging is fun and worthwhile. We are also good friends, so that doesn’t hurt :)

Ideal work situation
Ideally, we’d have a home office for full-time blogging with plenty of light and a normal amount of AC. We have daydreams of matching desktop Macs, myriad coffee table books, an espresso machine and, naturally, an office puppy.

Cubicle Chic’s Favorites!

10 Must-Have Office Supplies
Great question!
1) Binder clips. They never get old.
2) Mini post-it notes.
3) Staples CX-3 mini stapler. Staples like a pro!
4) Felt tip pens in green.
5) The shredder.
6) Striped paper clips.
7) 100% metal thumbtacks – they have such a cool, modern look!
8) Multi-colored “flags” … call us dorks, but we like color coding. Everything.
9) Colored “manila” folders.
10) Bubble wrap. ;-)

Favorite work lunch
We are big fans of homemade lunches – it saves time during the day and, frankly, tons of money! Meredith is more creative with her eats while Lindsay normally sticks to peanut butter sandwiches. We both love supplementing lunch with smoothies from our favorite cart on 48th and Park – we’ve even ventured into the veggie juice territory (!). We find that fruit smoothies (usually with added ginger and protein) make us feel healthy *and* squelch our hunger more than the candy in our office mate’s candy bowl. Double whammy.

Normal work attire
On a day to day basis, we straddle the line between business casual and business formal. Between Memorial Day and Labor Day, our office has a summer casual dress policy so we have a little more freedom (ie, open toed pumps and capris are allowed), but for the rest of the year, we mostly work with suit separates, button ups, silk blouses, pencil skirts and shift dresses.

Anything you want to add?
Right now, we both think about what we’re grateful for on a daily basis – it’s just where we are in our lives. We feel so blessed to be partners in our business venture, and it’s funny how involved we’ve become in each other’s day-to-day. We have both recently started new workout regimens, and we even have a buddy system for that! It’s great to have a partner in crime, especially when we can balance being co-workers, our sometimes overlapping social lives and Cubicle Chic.

Do you have any essential supply you can’t live without? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

  • Love these ladies and I love their office supplies and lunch picks! :)