Did Staples expect this with the easy button?

[ps, i didn’t make this image: found it here]

Working for the company who started the “Ditch the Easy Button” Campaign, we’ve always been interested in what customers did with their staples easy button or even what it inspired them to do. I’ve spent ample time going through google search results and here are some of the best:

Changing the recording from That was easy! to That was easy! NOT or That was Cheesy!

You can see those here.

The garage door opener seemed pretty popular too:


Learn how to do this here

So those ones are inventive, but did staples expect any of these other things?

Doggie Training Tool

[via Dog Channel]

Easy Button Musical Interface

This one is extreme. From Instructables, “It alllows cheap buttons to be created that each send a keyboard character as input to a program. In addition, the proceeds of easy button sales go to the Boys and Girls Club of America.” (I like that charity part, that’s nice.) Not sure exactly how it works/what it does, so read about it on their site.

Company Custom Easy Buttons?


I guess it’s a good marketing idea. Buzline, “corporate logo trinket maker,” will now sell easy buttons, custom for your company! Plug them in to your USB and when you press them they go to that site! Neat neat. Minimum order quantity is 50.

Batman and The Easy Button

Basically a movie that doesn’t make any sense but lego animation is reallly cool looking. Thanks Eric

Christian T shirt

Let’s end on a good note.

Thank you staples for the easy button, it has provided some great entertainment over the last few years.

  • I absolutely love those sculptures. I would love to have one of them on my desk. My favorite is the the sculpture made out of pencils.

  • I never understood what the button was for either. I can’t decide if it is still good for a brand to get this exposure, even if it is sort of negative. Interesting what people can do with a pair of pliers and some brain power. Thanks for sharing!!

  • Hey,

    I’ve never really known what the easy buttons were for, but I really like the idea of a company branding their own and then having direct links to their website… I mean I doubt they’d actually be used, but for a search engine optimision company, it certainly gets the point across in a funny way… Make them an easy button and it might just sell it to them!