DIY Super Mario Mushroom Pencils


Mushroom Pencil Holder – buy it from Moxiethrift on Etsy

You either love or hate mushrooms. I’m a mushroom lover for the most part – at least I like the standard, white mushroom from the store (sliced or unsliced.)  When you eat them, you feel like you are eating air or a cloud really. I think they do have some nutritional value but wouldn’t take preference over spinach or raspberries. Anyways.

These mushroom pencils are really cute. Found here They remind me of Super Mario – which I also like. Here’s the really easy instructions:









Good luck and comment below with a link if you make your own! Need to buy pencils?

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6 thoughts on “DIY Super Mario Mushroom Pencils”

  1. posca says:

    Absolutely love the mushroom pencils

  2. k2 incense says:

    Oh these are adorable! They would look great on my desk. :)

  3. Jenny says:

    I would pry mess up painting these. Could you put a clear coat over top the paint?

  4. printed envelopes says:

    My youngest would absolutely love these – however from experience should would probably try to eat them!

  5. Shannon (aka Luv_MyDachshund) says:

    These are so cute! What a great idea and thank you for sharing!

  6. Craft Kits says:

    Love the mushroom caps on top of the pencils! Adorable.

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