Don’t Get Sick in the Office!

So while it’s the end of February and I expect a few sniffles at this time of year, I hate being sick and (almost) every year I manage to fight off the germie-germs that go round and round, especially in an enclosed office environment or on public transportation. Victory is mine so far this season!!! I’m not OCD but I’m addicted to Purell, I have 4 bottles of the stuff, one for work, one for my car, one for my bag, and one at home. Yes I even use Purell at home, strangely I like the smell.

Anywhoo, besides Purell, I pop in some vitamin C every time I feel a twinge and the shot to my immune system seems to do the trick. Another tip…when I start to feel a cold coming on I drink a large glass of very hot water with the juice of half a lemon or an orange…don’t know why, but it works!

Some obvious, but often overlooked tips for staying healthy here:

Don’t touch your eyes, nose, or mouth. Once you have germs on your hands, the areas more susceptible for contamination are by touching your nose or mouth (or touching your food and putting it in your mouth) and rubbing your eyes. We all do this more often than we realize, and it is the fastest way to infecting yourself.

Wash your hands. It seems simple, but the best thing to do is wash your hands frequently. You and the office sickie are both touching the same stuff: the door knob, water cooler and drinking fountains, the coffeepot handle, the doughnuts in the break room, the copy machine and fax machine buttons, and they are getting their germy hands all over the place. If you use someone’s keyboard or mouse, they likely have not cleaned it since touching their mouth or blowing their nose with a tissue and then touching the mouse again with the same hand. GROSS! Use a hand sanitizer or keep wipes at your desk after exposure, especially before eating any food (candy, snacks, or your lunch). Research indicates that washing your hands when exposed to a contagious sick person is different than normal cleaning up; when you have been exposed to germs, wash between the finger webbing and fingernails, and to rinse hold your palms straight down and let the water rinse down your hands dripping off your fingers to maximize germ-fighting.

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Of course if you do come down with a cold, you can save some dough on Kleenex at

I’d love to hear some of your cold-fighting tips! Stay healthy!

  • It’s important to frequently wash your hands, you can also use hand sanitizers. It really helps to stop the germs from spreading.

  • We have a girl in our office who must spend an hour a day cleaning her desk, her phone, her screen and i even caught her spraying her office waste bin last week – the poor girl is scared stiff of getting germs and the irony is that she gets more colds than anyone else in the office.

  • I am the one who infects our office. Well, me and one other guy. We have young kids, and they are nonstop germ factories. I try to stay away from antibacterials, because I am convinced that they will create super resistant germs. However, I do keep other products around. I will stock up on cold medicines, tissues, antacids, and ibuprofen. My colleagues know which drawer to check in my desk if they need something. I feel it is the least I can do if I am the one passing the diseases on in the first place.

  • If you drink pure orange Juice nothing happens, If you mix with Ice or Sugar there the actual problem Starts.

  • It’s as simple as the term of the ‘sanitation’, the point is to prevent any germs grows and multiply in enormous amount that people body can’t resist anymore.

  • Immuine system should be strong.