Draping with Duck Tape

I am still so excited about our Duck Tape Giveaway, thinking about all the great people that will win tons of tape. I’ve been staring at my stack of silver and hot pink Duck Tape, trying to think of the best way to try it out, and I remembered seeing tutorials online for making your own dress form using duck tape. I didn’t have anyone to tape up so I used my dress form to try it out. Instead of putting a t-shirt on it, I used saran wrap which worked really really well (just know that if you start to stick it on and try to pull it off, you will rip the saran wrap.) Then I got to thinking, wouldn’t this be a great way to make a duct tape costume? Once you finish you can cut a line down the back then just tape them back up in it Halloween Night! (And hope that they never have to go to the bathroom)

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