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Drooling Over Highlighters

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Some days I just get obsessed with certain items.  I don’t know how it happens. I guess I see one amazing look product picture and I just keep noticing more and more attractive products in that category. Anyways, these Staedtler Highlighters are definitely drool-worthy. I am so unbelievably tempted to order these things. Once you start loving one rainbow colored thing, you keep finding more rainbow colored things to love. Check out my 5 other favorites:

The classic Tank Highlighters
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The Ticonderoga Pocket Highlighters
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Post-It Flag Highlighters (I love all different colors and flags)
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Hi-Liter SmearSafe Highlighters
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Bic Brite Liner Grip Highlighters
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If these don’t motivate you to study, I don’t know what will! Time to hit the books..

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  1. Shannon (aka Luv_MyDachshund) says:

    I love highlighters too! Those are some awesome sets and I’ll have to admit that I own 3 of your top 5 ones…and the post-it ones combine two of my favorite office supplies in one! Thanks for sharing and I’ll have to keep those Staedtler ones on my wish list. You can never have too many highlighters around!