Dry-Erase Board Ghosts..oooh scary!

[Thanks to Adam Kinney for this great visual]

The marketing team at Shoplet received a whiteboard last month for scheduling! Great right? It came with a special marker and advised you only use that special marker.  Sadly to say I decided that one color was not enough. One of my co-workers gave me a pack of bright, colorful dry-erase markers and I wrote our schedule in lots of nice colors. It looked great until it came time to change the schedule. Oops.

A ghosted whiteboard does not look professional and it gets more and more annoying as time goes on. My solution was to switch from the colored markers to a nice black quartet dry erase marker which was readable over the colored ghosts. But then I learned a little trick from one of our product experts. You color over the ghosts with a dry erase marker! Weird right? Color over the ghost with a dark dry erase marker, let it sit for a few seconds then erase! Maybe this is old news to everyone but it worked like a charm for me.

You can read about some other de-ghosting solutions on Wikihow They suggest Hairspray, Toothpaste, Hand Sanitizer, Lava Soap, Old Dryer Sheets, etc etc etc Sounds like anything besides a dry eraser or the solution that comes with it works.

Anyways, enough with that.  Once you get your board nice and clean, ruin it with some of this:

[Beautiful artwork done by islandarc on Flickr]




Now that you’re inspired, join this group: Dry Erase Yer’ Face. They have some really cool artwork too.









Artwork done by Toniluca!

Now go get rid of all your ghosts and start drawing!

[and we’d love to see your artwork! Post it and comment with a link below!]

  • I have never seen such unbelievable art and all done on a white board, wow incredible, I did art in school but was never that good , now next time in a meeting I know what ill be doing with the white board :)

  • Some of that whiteboard art was simply incredible. I am an artist, but it has never occurred to me to spend some time creating something so amazing on a whiteboard. It kind of reminds me in a weird way a Tibetan sand paintings. The implied impermanence is a great lesson.

  • I need ones of these. A lot bigger and easier to spot than a post it note

  • amazing art. simple but valued