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Duck Tape Valentine Contest Submissions So Far!

duck tape 3

We are LOVING everyone’s submissions for our Duck Tape valentine making contest! So much so that we decided to showcase them all on the Shoplet blog. Let the ooh-ing and aah-ing begin:

duck tape 11 duck tape 10 duck tape 9

BIG fans of glitter :)

duck tape 8 duck tape 7 duck tape 6 duck tape 5

Plaid is so homey and lovely!

duck tape 4

Mmmm, a bouquet of Duck Tape flowers smells sweeter than a bouquet of roses

duck tape 2 duck tape 1

Cute Dispicable Me valentine box made out of Duck Tape!

A “hearty” thanks to all who have submitted their Duck Tape valentines to our contest so far! The contest ends this Friday (Valentine’s Day), so if you’re still interested in winning a $100 Visa gift card, start crafting & post a picture of your Duck Tape valentine to Shoplet’s Facebook Page!

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