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“Easing the Switch to Green Office Supplies”

Check us out on ! Thanks to FastCompany Expert Blogger Glenn Croston for telling our story. Here’s some great excerpts:

“Shoplet is taking this route and making it easy to switch to green because they see an opportunity; in the last 3 years they have seen demand for these products grow over 700%. “We saw a demand for greener, more energy efficient office supplies and we wanted to provide our customers with the largest selection possible,” says Ellison. “While we see the biggest demand for things like recycled copy paper, we are also seeing more people buying other recycled paper products, recycled notebooks and even bigger items like recycled chairs and desks.” To help with shopping green, Shoplet has a Facebook application that calculates the number of trees saved, energy conserved, and water conserved as a result of buying more eco-friendly products. ”

“As more businesses move toward sustainability they find that they are not alone. Businesses are part of an interconnected supply chain, working with other businesses on sustainability. “We have also been working closely with our manufacturers to help them come up with eco-friendly ways to improve their products,” says Ellison. “HP, for instance, produces increasingly more energy efficient printers using more recycled materials. We try to convey to our manufacturers the demand we see from our customers for more recycled office supplies.” They now work with manufacturers like Smead and House-of-Dolittle that are responding to increased demand by offering whole lines of products made from 100% recycled material. Manufacturers of electronic equipment also see this mainstream demand for more energy efficient products, and are finding ways to incorporating recycled materials into their products and making them more easily recyclable at the end of their life cycle. ”

Thanks again to Fast Company and remember to choose Shoplet for all your recycled office supplies!

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  2. Outsourcing says:

    “Businesses are part of an interconnected supply chain, working with other businesses on sustainability.” – Let us continue to power up corporate social responsibility. Let us continue to strengthen our advocacies for environmental sustainability. Let’s go go go green! Let’s love Mother Earth so much better now!

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  4. Joi says:

    I love to see so many companies “going green” – so glad to see others as concerned as I am about our beautiful earth and all of its wonders. Thanks for your commitment to what matters most!