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Energizer vs Duracell Bunny : What’s the deal?

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Friday is always the day for really important discussions at our office.  Today the main topic is, who came first? The Energizer Bunny or the Duracell Bunny? In my naivety, I was sure sure sure that the Energizer Bunner was first. I asked my coworker (who was born and raised in Europe) which battery company has the pink bunny? He said Duracell. At the beginning of my research today I thought Duracell ripped off Energizer! Such cheaters, such imitators. But now I’m not so sure..

Energizer Bunny History: Born in 1989

Duracell Bunny History-Born in 1973!!

I was disappointed. Either way, I’d like to wish the Energizer Bunny and Energizer Batteries a belated Happy Birthday!


At least he’s been around for 20 years? Listen to this, he’s an adage century icon!

“The Bunny has become the ultimate symbol of longevity, perseverance and determination,” says Mark Larsen, communications category manager for Energizer. During the past decade, everyone from politicians to sport stars used the Energizer Bunny to describe their staying power.”

I’d much rather hug the Energizer Bunny and I really think I have before (aka probably some creepy guy inside a Energizer Bunny suit.)  Anyways, check out the Energizer Bunny Store for products like these:

Bunny Slippers

Headphone Charm 


Foam Ears


So next time your boss asks for energizer batteries? Buy him some of these as well.

Oh and remember these great commercials?
Darth Vader and the Energizer Bunny -1994
The First Energizer Bunny Commercial

Read about in on Wikipedia too.

All this talk of Energizer Batteries makes you think, do I need batteries? If you do, save money by getting them here.

And if you have a favorite Energizer Bunny Video or an opinion on whose better (Duracell vs Energizer), comment below!

12 thoughts on “Energizer vs Duracell Bunny : What’s the deal?”

  1. Electronic Wholesale says:

    Very Nice article, digg it!

  2. dedicated says:

    I think energizer is very good brand

  3. Dan says:

    i like the duracell bunny better!
    energizer bunny is just a *wow* parody of the duracell bunnies.

  4. Jeims says:

    very good.

  5. dedicated says:

    It is very good

  6. vps says:

    Very Nice article

  7. vps says:

    İt’s interesting

  8. tamara says:

    duracell bunny is much cuter than the enrgiser bunny.

  9. NickX says:

    where is your proof that the Energizer bunny came first?? According to Wikipedia the Duracell bunny came first.

  10. Grace says:

    You are right! I thought the energizer bunny but found out that the duracell one came first

  11. cooter says:

    Every time I see the Bunny I see Duracell and I think most people do.

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